Meet the Photographer

“How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Although she likes to think of herself as a problem solver, instead of the problem itself, this tune occasionally gets belted out in her presence, both by people who know her well, and some who just meet her. All in good fun of course! Problem solving is something Maria does enjoy, sudoku, and logic puzzles, come over reading a book any day. And let’s not forget the infamies game ‘Mind Trap’ that her family refuses to even play with her anymore. Given the choice, Maria would rather photograph a family of 25 than a family of 4. “It’s like a big puzzle to put together, and I love that challenge.” Math was her favorite subject in school, and at one point she thought she would become an accountant. Looking back, that seems funny, because now, bookwork is her least favorite part of running a business.

Maria graduated with an AAS degree in photography, from Ridgewater College, in 1999. Yes, that is long enough ago that she learned conventional film, and dark room processing. Digital was a brand new thing they were just starting to touch on. Although she didn’t use that “old school” knowledge for long she is glad to have had it.

After graduation, she jumped right in at a portrait studio in Brainerd MN. Unexpectedly, after only a few short weeks became the main photographer there. In less than a year, life took Maria to the St Cloud area, where she spent 6 years working for and learning from a well-established portrait studio.

Maria married her husband Gerry in 2001, and in 2005 they adopted their 10 year old nephew. This is what prompted Maria to want to be home more, and the logical choice was to just work for herself. MG Photography was started in the spring of 2006. Without studio space, she specialized mainly in 'on location' photography, and occasional turned the living/dining room into a studio. In 2010 Maria and her family were fortunate enough to purchase a new home near Foley, MN. One that has plenty of space for a full time studio.