Business & Commercial

The image of your business is very important. At MG Photography we can help you create portraits that sell you and your services, images that sell your products, and give potential customers an insight to the experience they will receive working with you.


Portraits can be created to give the message that you are professional, an executive, They can be casual so you appear approcable, and friendly, or more creative for musicians, modles and actors. Maybe you just want to let people know you are proud of what you do. Anyone who needs to sell themselves should consider professional portraits, if you are your business, if you represent an organization, or are running for office. Your portrait should speek to people so they know who you are.


Do you have a facility that you want to showcase to your potential clients. We can help you with that as well, photographing the interior and exterior of your buildings. This way people know what to expect when visiting you in person or give people who can not visit you an insight to the experience they will receive when working with you. Maybe you want to display before and after photo’s of the kind of work your company provides.


If your company provides a product, consumers need to see those as well, products that are only sold on line, need to look appealing, and of high quality. Professional images will insure that your products look there best and deserve top dollar. Even if your products are not sold on line, you want to let customers know whats available at your retail location.

The images we provide can be for printed material, business cards, brocurs, flyers and postcards. They can be for billboards, magizeens or books. And most commonly for display on your website.

I understand that every business is different, and has a specific image to portray. That’s why I take the time to customize each job to the specific needs of your business. We want to keep things simple and affordable. Contact us for a free quote and see what I can provide for you.