Portrait Parties

A Portrait Party is a fun event where you, friends and family get together and have your portraits taken. You each receive your own session, we will photograph any combination of families or children together and/or alone. Because everyone is coordinating their sessions consecutively at the same location, you all get to take advantage of savings and discounts.

The Host

  • Provides the location – which can be your home, a park, or even at our studio.
  • Arranges the guest list – You need to have at least 3 other guests/sessions. They can all come at the same time and hang out while each group is being photographed. Or they can each come during their own time slot.
  • For each additional guest the host receives a $25 credit towards their order.
  • The host receives a free session and other great deals.
  • If all guests order with in the 48 hour time frame the host receives a free wall portrait.
  • If you would like, you can provide snacks and activates for people while they wait.

The Guest

  • Receives a 20 minute session for only $25
  • Will have 10-15 images to choose from
  • Can view their images online within 24 hours.
  • Needs to place an order within 48 hours to receive discounts

Want to go with a theme

From tea parties with teddy bears to superheroes, and fairies. The theme is only limited by your imagination. Themes work great for children’s parties, and make the sessions a lot more fun. If you decide to go without a theme for the day, we still encourage each session to bring their own props and fun ideas to personalize the session.